Friday, August 7, 2009

Session 9: Tony Blair

Tony Blair
  • Just because you're in leadership, it doesn't mean you're not full of self doubt at times
  • "Conventional wisdom can be the comfortable thing to do... Many times the comfortable thing is not the right thing".
  • Leadership... you have positions inside of you that you'll take a stand for... it's not about being inflexible, it's about having an "irreducibile core"... You're then faced with the fact that your view is uncomfortable for many others... You need to stick to you guns...
  • "My final duty is to do what I felt was right..." Need to be willing to stand or fall on those beliefs
  • "It was helpful to know that I'm willing to walk away from my position"- that thought was comforting to stick to what he thought was right
  • Leaders generally know when they make comfortable decisions vs. leading
  • How do you balance doubt vs. being real/vulnerable with those following you? The process of doubt is positive and right. And some point, you need to set aside fear and be willing to take a step and the responsibility for that decision.
  • Would have never imagined when he took office in 1997 that he would have to make decisions about 4 military conflicts
  • "How can faith not impact and be part of your decision-making?"
  • Faith and it's role in the world is an enormous potent force for good or bad...
  • We can engage in action with people of other faiths to change the world
  • Negotiating... find common ground...You have a strategic objective should be based on principle... to get there, there are difficult, tactical compromises that come along the way...
  • How to lead in a crisis? Are you going to point a finger or make a statement about our unity? Make it clear upfront we are united and we're not going to allow this to divide us.
  • How do you process pain and disappointment? Count your blessings... His wife, "What are you complaining about? It's a privilege to do what you do..."
  • The privilege of leadership should outweigh the pain and frustration that comes along the way
  • Leadership is a blessing, a gift you've been given, no matter how challenging... it's your duty to do it... The way the world works no matter what you do... Without leaders things don't get done.... The joy of getting stuff done makes it worth the pain you will experience along the way..."

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