Friday, August 7, 2009

Session 6: Wess Stafford Compassion International

Compassion International

  • How do we leverage the pain and hurt in our lives for ministry?
  • People aren't going to care what you know until they know why you care about what you know
  • Age 10, first act of leadership... spent 9 months at a boarding school in Africa... candle with two wicks, Boarding House leader lit candle on both ends while Wess had to hold the candle... abusive leadership overseeing missionarie's kids... Beatings were a regular event...
  • "BC" Before candle, "AD" After the Damage...
  • He held onto the candle and got his mission in that moment of pain... "I will protect children, I will stand against this injustice.."
  • Wess was being beaten 17 times a week, 50 plus kids abused physically and sexually
  • As a kid I thought, "I must be evil the way I'm being beaten and abused... an angry God.."
  • "If you tell your parents, it will destroy their ministries...." Kids learned to be silent, all 50 of them...
  • A village helped restore him, the poor taught him love, joy, and peace...
  • Poverty and abuse speaks the same language to kids...."Just give up... no one cares about you..."
  • What's your cause? Does it lead you to tears? What moves you?
  • "Nothing? Please... don't live like that... don't lead like that..."
  • Look at yourself in the mirror.... spend 30 minutes... Who are you? What do you care about? Why do I lead what I lead? Is your passion driven by pain or success?
  • Forgiveness is giving up your right for revenge.... Unforgiveness is an open invitation to bondage in your lives by our enemy

How is the greatest pain in your life affecting you? Driving your passion or harboring resentment and anger? What do you need to forgive?

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