Thursday, August 6, 2009

Session 4b: Against All Odds Harvey Carey

  • I grew up "Po".... I wish I was "Poor"

  • Called to Detroit, the poorest city in one of the hardest hit states in our current economy

  • 9 churches positioned themselves against him because he was trying to be multi-cultural

  • "For all of you who aren't used to having nothing, welcome to the rest of the world... now you get the opportunity to see how God can do much with little"

  • Is your staff "Equipers", energizing and equiping volunteers?

  • How many "binders" do you need to do ministry? No more binders! Do the work of the ministry.

  • We need to invest more time for equiping.... members need to take ownership for the work.. genuinely engage them in the work

  • Do we ever break out of our "huddles" simply showing up to church or are we "in the game"... Get out of your huddle and change the world!

  • The things we learn we actually do! How many Leadership Summits have you been to but have done nothing?

  • "Urban Huddles"- They have 100 men campout at the biggest crack houses in their community, don't camp in the woods, campout on the front lines

  • They've touched everyone in their zip code

  • Think..... how can we best launch people? Wherever they are, whomever they are, and whatever resources they may or may not have?

  • We have a lid of, "When we have this, then we can do that..." "When we have this much $$$, then we can do this..."

  • When you have nothing, only God can get the glory.... When you're heavily resourced, sometimes "we" can get in the way or leak credit to other places...

  • If darkness is present in your community, then light is absent... Detroit has more churches per capita in America but remains a "dark" city...

  • When we leave this summit or some other conference you're at right now... are you adding another binder on the shelf or are you going to act?

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