Friday, August 7, 2009

Session 5: David Gibbons Third Culture Leaders

More on David Gibbons here:

  • 2 Key commandments, love God, love your neighbor
  • We developed a “consumeristic” church
  • 3rd culture leader: Adaptation… painful Adaptation… learn and live in any culture even if it’s painful
  • When we love people that aren't like us, people will notice. When we hang out with people only like ourselves…that’s just normal.
  • 3rd culture leaders is about the misfits, not the masses
  • If you want to make a change in culture, you need to go after the early adopters, the people in the margins…. The fringe/misfits lead us
  •…. over a million people follow her tweets, thousands follow her blog
  • Vision typically starts with leader to Exec Team, to masses…. Normal…. In God’s model, the fringes lead from the outside/masses inward to vision
  • Ask the question, who’s the outsider in our community or in the margins that may lead innovation?
  • 3rd culture leaders have different metrics for success…. Normal… up and to the right… Reality is that failure IS success to God
  • Your weakness/failure is a gift from God
  • Most of the world doesn't understand America's success, but they do understand failure
  • More important than strengths are peoples' stories... do we assess people on their story?
  • Relationships trump vision. You can't have a great vision without relationships
  • We need more relationaries over visionaries- different metric for 3rd culture leaders
  • Change priorities to 70/30.... What are you spending your 70% on? Equipping leaders or creating messages, hung-up on tasks?
  • Redesign space, let local leaders design the space, let the fringe lead
  • Obedience more important than passion
  • 4 acts of obedience: Deeper collaboration.... outside of just our church/organization, Communal living... group of families choose a neighborhood... Prayer... do we really believe in the power of the Spirit, if so, wouldn't we pray? Radical sacrifice for the outsider... put aside material possessions... comfort

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