Friday, August 7, 2009

2009 Willow Creek Leadership Conference Final Thoughts

What's stuck in my head from the 2009 Willow Creek Leadership Conference?
  • I need to work to be great at mobilizing people and making it easy for them to launch in ministry or in business... Eliminate hurdles, it's about the team, and give them the freedom to thrive... "We is smarter than me"
  • The generation behind me is where I need to spend my focus- empower people and help them light up to change the world
  • Locally, work with key business leaders to light a charge in something... Connect the dots of great leaders, the upcoming generation, Online Church, and be flexible to what the collaboration of great conversations may bring.... and then "do".
  • Identify the big problems and hurdles facing our business and church and find small, simple steps of solutions to get them moving
  • Be candid about me, to my team, and the real truths of what we're facing... Don't be stuck in what's comfortable and build trust
  • Lots still processing....

What about you? How are you going to respond? May His will be done...


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