Friday, August 7, 2009

Session 8: Bono The Church...3 Years Later

  • Interview a few years ago, God used Bono’s voice to inspire change within the church in attacking the issue of global hunger
  • In Kennedy’s Presidency, we put a man on the moon…. What are we capable of?
  • “The problems we can fix, we should.”
  • “It’s an offense to Christ and any sense of Truth that a 20 cent AIDS immunization can’t be handled to save lives.” The church is stepping up, a sleeping giant has been awakened... over 2 million Africans have been impacted in 3 years...
  • It’s a tough conflict of how to determine what resources need to be used locally vs. globally to make the biggest impact.
  • Bono wrote "Where the Streets Have No Name" when in streets of poverty
  • "U2's best work is when we don't know what we're doing..."
  • "Someone outside the church said you had to get off your butt"- (Thanks Bono...)
  • "It's been a hard year but I know someone has it worse"- Waitress giving to the AIDS effort at her church.....
  • We couldn't find 25 billion to save millions of people struggling with AIDS in Africa, yet when we had a financial crisis, we had no problem to come up with 700 billion to bailout banks...
  • Bono resists the church with a fear of denominationalism... enjoys going to a variety of churches...
  • "I find it hard to take a lifeless ceremony.." (that he sees in many churches)
  • Churches should have humility, be authentic, demonstrate honesty... with leaders being real.... Bono's advice to church leaders
  • Understand what you can do and give based on who you are... Are you a soccer coach? Use Soccer? Are you a musician, use your music... We all have something we can uniquely bring...
  • "Whenever I see Grace, I am moved..."
  • There's always resistence in the ongoing journey of equality... whether it's Jews...blacks...women...denominations... where does it start/stop for you?

The world is not impressed by a lifeless, pomp & circumstance church.

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