Friday, February 8, 2008

Weird Cute

When volunteering one weekend, two women were looking at a computer and heard one of them say, "He's weird cute, y'know" and followed it with that little girley smile.

Interesting......Weird cute? What exactly does that mean? I happened to know who they were talking about.... He had:
  • Ratty hair

  • Big Horse Teeth
  • A goofy checkered shirt
  • Big ol' rim glasses

Huh...(I thought) "Him? Really?" I learned something that weekend.... If you're not cute..... shoot for "weird cute"- Men.... we have hope. Call it "Weird Cute for Men" And I'm not just saying it to say it, I'm also a client. I married way over my head.. Here's my "Weird Cute Mug":


Jen said...

I completely understand the 'weird cute'! I'm definitely going to have to start using that.

moonlightgramm said...

Hahahahaha I was wondering what that pic was about. Hahahaha YES!!! There Is Hope!!!!!!!!!!!