Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Action Items- Life Refocused...

Below are my notes from whiteboard, feet pointing exercise today- most of this would simply be long and irrelevant to you, however, maybe the bold categories would be helpful in your process and intentional living.... a few things:
  • In doing this in past, I've tried to completely dump my boat and change too much... For me I've found it better to have clear, bite-sized chunks to work on- little changes in multiple categories...

  • My productivity and energy drops in a hurry after 12 hours in a day- I need to allow for downtime (usually 8-10 PM on weekdays) and chunks on the weekends...

  • It's helped me to work to create "overlap" in my purposes.. for instance, I try to combine exercise or golf with spending time with my kids or friends- I may write dramas related to workplace issues and attach to this blog, etc...

  • I live in Microsoft Outlook, I am going to take this list and put it as a "free" calendar item that will pop-up once a week- I can keep my goals in front of me and stay on target. Additionally, I'll be scheduling one on one breakfasts with the kids in a monthly rotation...

  • Because I'm flawed and things happen- not everything works the way I would like, but this gets me much closer to my snapshot of purpose at this point in my life..

How about you? What has help you focus on purpose and priorities?

White Board Life Plan Notes February 17, 2008

Need to find a mentor, not sure who at this point- maybe to meet monthly?
Bible reading/Journal

ACTION ITEM: Overlap time with RL to include Bible study and discussion 4 AM's per week
Need to be in relationship with a mentor again- who ???

Schedule and plan our monthly date nights

ACTION ITEM: Put in my weekly Outlook Life Goal reminders and view to make sure this is on schedule

Schedule one on one time
Kid’s sports activity planning- Easton baseball?
One on one breakfast time

ACTION ITEM: Rotate Emmi and Easton every other month for a one-on-one breakfast before school- Erin every other month at Wings Put in OUTLOOK Life Goal view

Coming up General Management/Operations

ACTION ITEMS: Intentional discussions with CS on eventual role and maintaining alignment to overall company goals and plan

Begin meeting monthly with Admin to build relationship and more overlap

Continue with Help Desk launch and oversite-

Work/STACKED (side business I try to do as little as possible in)

Streamline inventory management
Need production help
JM- more management?
DB's role?

Find someone who can handle weekly production 5-20 hours per week
Either sell or simplify- must continue to be contained-
Move more management responsibility to JM

Blog writing/video?
BHAG: Eventually be part in writing/creating a movie

Incorporate short videos into blog- add value, stretch drama experience
Create white space and think time for potential movie ideas- review with potential collaborators- there has to be a valid purpose and “why” we would do it- need a story..

Money Management
Missing $500 Building Pmt- complete by 4-15-08
Continue to save for new vehicle Goal $5,000 by 7-1-08

Continue with current saving plan- all unexpected/bonus income to these goals

Time Wasters:

STACKED general labor, need to watch time- this is not in my core purpose

What Am I Going to Do that’s New/Forced Change/Learning?

Learn basic video creation/editing- minimal quality (You Tube-ish) for now- Set-up meeting with Jeff Petersen for initial discussion - Produce first videos by 4-1-08 Tie into blog..

What I Enjoy:
Business/leadership topics/reading

What are my talents?
Organizational/Business Management
Big Picture View/Visionary

Who’s On My Board/Should Be?
Kem - Wife
JH (need to get back in rotation)
Future Spiritual Mentor
CS- Work- professional
Add 1-2 people

ACTION ITEM: Get in contact with JH for lunch- catch-up and discuss

Look for other potential maximers to overlap with-

Other People in my life right now:
(Insert Your List here)

Out of Balance
Time with RL- needs to be “redeemed” and overlap created
Workout/sleep still pushing
I feel like I run out of energy/time in a day…

Other Notes/Thoughts:
Overly idealistic is a “pull”- get a big list of wants but can water-down effectiveness
12 productive hours a day
Overlapping purposes/leverage your purpose
More transparent life- less duality- blog & board?


Anonymous said...

this is good stuff. I always think it's interesting when the whiteboard gets very linear.

one thing I do:
Monday mornings I don't work.
I stay home with my boys. I'm always tempted to want to multi-task and try and get some work done.

I've been committing the time to the boys alone. Spending two hours totally engaged with them is far more meaningful than 5 hours of me loosely engaged over the week.

And I know them more.
They know me more.
We love each other more.

This is a huge thing though, across most areas for me. While I can be highly efficient at multi-tasking, people tend to feel slighted when I don't focus my time with them...

Anonymous said...
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Mark Meyer said...

Jeremy- good input on the focused time... did I hear some buzz that you may be coming this direction?

Anonymous said...

I'll for sure be there for Innovate, and possibly around the LEAD conference. My boss is speaking, and we might make a staff trip of it...

I enjoy your writing. Keep it up.

dljordan said...

Is there a process you go though to do this? What is that process? I would like to sit down and do this but really have no idea on where to start. Thanks.


Mark Meyer said...


Not sure if you happened to go back a few entries- check out: and move on to the next 2 blogs to see the progression of steps I went through- any comments, questions, or input I'd love to hear- thanks! Mark

dljordan said...

Thanks. Yes I did finally find that post and I will have to sit down and go over it. Thanks. I will keep you updated :)