Monday, February 4, 2008

Is Your Spouse SPAM?

Marriage takes a lot of work….

I’m like a spam-filter….. my brain seems to (analyze, analyze, filter, analyze, analyze, filter, filter, hungry, analyze, filter, “how you doing”, analyze) all with saying very little, only as deemed needed….

Kem’s like a Pop-up window.. her brain seems to (alert! Task reminder! Edit! Don’t like! Alert! Now! (People magazine) Task Reminder Again! (look a bird)) all while communicating as she thinks.

When the spam filter blocks the pop-up message- that bad. When the spam filter “allows” the pop-up- that good. Working for a technology company and more experience with age should hopefully help me dial-in this program in the future.

If you spouse/significant other was a piece of software, what would he/she be?


Kem said...

Uh, Mark. You just called me spam. That's like the ultimate put down, dude. Pop-up window isn't a put down in the right context...but spam always is. You better edit that post before I, uh, open a can of spam... :)

jeremyscheller said...

That's hilarious.
I'm totally like you.

10 words per thousand thoughts. The SPAM is filtered out, only the prime rib makes it to the table.

I've been following Kem's blog for a few years. It's good to see her better half (Ha!_) has vast wisdom as well.

Kristin Baker said...

I'm pretty sure my husband is a video game of some sort. I'm still searching for the secret rulebook. In the meantime, just pushing buttons is kind of fun! oh, and welcome to the blog world. I added a link to yours on the drama team blog. Hope that's cool with you.