Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Why Knot?"

Knots restrict, discourage, block, confuse, entangle, stall, frustrate, slow, and disable.

Knots exist in our organizations, marriages, theology, and more.... only to prevent us from fulfilling our purpose, design, and experiencing opportunities in life....

What does it look like?

  • Withholding key information from a team member (lack of communication). KNOT.
  • Fear. KNOT
  • Analysis Paralysis, studying all the variables but never get to the "doing". KNOT.
  • Being full of all the reasons "why not". KNOT.
  • Nitpicking theology only to discourage people trying to do something good. KNOT.
  • If you find yourself blowing holes in people's opinions or methods you might be a... KNOT.
  • Waiting for all the stars to be aligned... KNOT.
  • Ignoring inefficiencies. KNOT.
  • Really smart people full of theories but no action. KNOT
  • Employees that are better than nothing. KNOT.
  • Disregard for policies and procedures. KNOT.
  • Overkill policies and procedures. KNOT.
  • Not telling your spouse what really frustrates you. KNOT.
  • Complaining about all the knots. KNOT.

You want to be a "differentiator" as an employee, volunteer, spouse, or friend? Be great at identifying and un-doing the KNOTS that exist everywhere.... and DO.

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Sovann Pen said...

You just had to put that last one on there didn't you ;)
Great list, thank you!