Sunday, April 19, 2009

"8,460,000 Of You Need This"

I recently read "Less Clutter Less Noise" (to many people's amazement). While it is written as a Communications/Marketing strategy, tips, and best practices using the "church" as a case study... I read it as an Operations Manager for a technology company.

Here are my top 10 favorites for the business world as I observe at our company and the hundreds of clients we consult with:

  • Our people (employees) are going to have several touch points with our clients, if they don't "get" what we're about, trying to do, or what we're trying to communicate.... our marketing/communications strategy is already in trouble
  • Our communications strategy and a firm understanding of who we are (and aren't) should come well before we create our first marketing piece or develop our website... (We thought we knew our's until we encountered the principles and questions in this book...)
  • We try to tell our entire story, everywhere, all the time. We need to focus on telling one or two key messages at a time and leave them wanting more.

So in light of that message, I'll stop there.... not 10.... just 3 bullets.

This book is not for everyone. Just 8,460,000 of you.

The target? If you're a decision-maker/influencer in ANY of the organizations you belong to and actually want your message heard... say the top 10% of the workforce.... this applies to 18 million of you.

Even hotter target? (18 million of you) x (47% regular church attendees) = 8,460,000 of you. Go get it here.

Now I'm off to learn how our clients REALLY experience us..... :)

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