Sunday, April 26, 2009

"There is no God"

There is no God.

I can do whatever I want, take what I want, whenever I want.. it's all about here.

Crud, there are other people that can do what they want also.

Now I have to be creative, manipulate, and lure to get what I want.

The winners of this game are those who can entertain, attract, out-earn and outsmart.

It's survival of the fittest. And once you're on top, you'll do whatever is needed to stay there.

Those who lose try to pacify their life by paying the winners to entertain them.

The losers go through this short life with temporary bursts of experiences and vices to get by.

The losers are "duped" into thinking they could get on top, that hope keeps them in the game.

All the players hold on desperately to this life, and death is tragic.

That is, if life is all about here and this world.

Then enters God.

Suddenly the prospect that life is not about here but for some life with God changes everything.

Athiests rise up to challenge the existence of God.

The winners mock the idea of God.

All resist any suggestion that they may be wrong. They have "the right" to do as they please!

Kill, destroy, mock, belittle any talk of God... whatever it takes to keep our game intact.

It's all OK if your God idea is in your own personal box, but keep it out of our game.

The Choice. God Says:

The last will be first and the first will be last.

That life on earth is short and you won't take your treasures with you.

That death is not something to be feared... we are eternal beings.

The game you play on Earth will leave you empty.

In fact, I've dumped that game on it's head. It's rigged, can't you tell?

I'll take care of the bad guys, don't worry about it.

I have a plan to give you purpose and meaning for every day you're there on Earth.

I know you better than you know you. I'd like to help.

It's a question worth pursing. We're living in our choice right now. A life as if there's no God or there is a God. It changes everything.

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J.Hoeft said...

Hey Meyer, hope all is well....

Read this book by N.T Wright...might change how you feel/think about the here and now...Hope to catch up soon...Jerrod