Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"Missed your Exit?"

Normally you don't know when this sign will come up in our life.

Years may seem to go by and we wonder when it's going to come along.

We live with regret for the times we've ignored it.

Wisdom tells us we can't take every one.

For many, they fear it and make up excuses to easily dismiss it.

Sometimes it seems absurb on the surface but really would stretch us.

The more we say "no" to it, the easier it is to miss it.
Normal is rationalizing a reason why we shouldn't act on a new opportunity at hand and to live with regrets later in life. If you've got nothing better going on in life and you're simply growing old... Don't miss your next exit.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

great timing on this blog post

i actually have a small opportunity in front of me

i've been coming up with lots of reasons why i shouldn't act on it

this post was encouraging. i think i might act on this one so i don't "miss my next exit"