Thursday, January 31, 2008

God Delusion Lessons Part 1: Kill Romance

Last year Kem and I had a week getaway to Orlando to fill our love tanks for each other.... but it was a bomb. Not "da bomb", just plain ol' bomb. One contributor was that I happened to be reading The God Delusion... Here are a few ways we learned to kill romance on that trip:
  • Ask your wife, "What if God is just some fictional spaghetti monster in our brains?" at dinner... it communicates you're really thinking only about her and she is your main focus
  • Have a Fed Ex package arrive at your condo overnight with urgent work to-do's
  • Go to a place with tons of people and external stimulus for your spouse with ADD.... like say..... Orlando... so she can be calm and peacefully thinking about her man
  • Go to a trade show for your work
  • Talk about how much dinner cost and how you now only have $64.38 per day for the rest of your trip
  • Lay out by the pool by yourself
  • Have a few beverages at DIFFERENT times than your spouse during the day to really make sure you're out of sync

Thanks to a great dinner and smart discussions with Brad and Jamaica Abare last night, I was up at 6:30 AM on vacation with too much stuff in my head..... more God Delusion to come...

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