Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blind Faith

The God Delusion is a dangerous book. I know of people that have walked away from their faith after reading this book. At our dinner last night, Jamaica Abare mentioned she was surprised at how many of her 18-yr old college students were reading this book. Scary. I read this book to try to understand a thinking completely different than my own. My second lesson from this book: I had blind faith.

  • My trite Christian cliches' and pad answers got blown out of the water

  • The basis of my faith got stripped away and left me naked to my core

  • I realized I was blowing smoke about much of what I believed and had only a few tangible nuggets left to hold onto

Ignorance really is bliss. I remember driving to work a few days after completing the book and having a deep, sinking feeling in my gut when thinking...."what if there really is no God?".... it was a hallow, sad, desperate thought.

This book changed a filter in me and now simple Christian answers don't cut it. I don't want to be duped, I want to know and truly 'experience' God and not live in some psychological safe place hoping there is something there for us when we die. I no longer want a blind faith... I'm either all in or all out, life is too short. Do I know my faith? Do I know what my neighbor believes? Can I talk about it?

If you read this or like minded books, make sure you've got some good people around you to process this with. Thankfully, my good friend Rob Wegner told me "Hey man, just let me know if you need to re-saved, just let me know!"..... As funny as that was, it really meant a lot to me...

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Rob said...

I'm still praying you'll meet the Lord some day.