Sunday, February 22, 2009

10 Ways I Want to Lead

1. I want to be a servant leader, remove hurdles and obstacles so my team can soar

2. I want to push the envelope, be willing to step out on the plank, make mistakes but go after educated, BHAG’s (big, hairy, audacious, goals)

3. Filter out the noise, the naysayers, the critics and be a leader of laggards

4. Be real about my weaknesses, mistakes, with humility

5. Solution oriented, if individuals make mistakes, just correct it and move on- take care of the client, offer an apology to a team member, encourage, fall forward

6. My team will know I am for them

7. I want to be candid, matter-of-fact, but with the goal to help people take steps and speak to the elephants in the room

8. Be in the trench with the team, roll my sleeves up, be willing to do what I’m asking my team to do and more

9. Understand and create the vision, then cast it- over and over and over to individuals, teams, and organizations... Make what we do significant, life-changing, industry changing, world changing

10. Model focus and hardwork- energy to simply keep getting things done

There's more.... what would you add?

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Anonymous said...

I would add...

I want to lead in humility, knowing that mistakes will be made, but that's what God's grace is for...His leadership is what really matters when I am leading others.