Monday, April 26, 2010

"What If"

What If:
  • We could set aside our need to be "right"?

  • We didn't need to "win" the debate?

  • We focused on being peacemakers and extended a hand to those we don't understand?
  • We found commonality with those "different" from us and collaborated on projects to bring real change to our communities and world?

  • We responded to people not about where we think they are wrong but focused on where we could agree?
  • We truly loved people?

What Could Change?

  • Could Athiests and Believers agree that people need clean water and work together to bring solutions to millions in need across the globe?
  • Could the tradition church find commonality with non-traditionalists and work together to bring Hope to their local communities?
  • Could a church work with the gay community to fill food pantries?
  • Could Christians and Muslims work together to provide relief to earthquake victims?

This is messy and doesn't fit nice a tidy in a box. However, I do know I want to love more, talk and debate less, and be part of something Greater than myself. What might I learn about myself, others, and God from engaging more in these relationships?

This is a church I want to be part of.... this is a person I want to be.... these are the people I want to lock arms with...