Thursday, August 7, 2008

Session 3: Finding Your True North- Bill George

Session 3: Finding Your True North- Bill George
  • The Spirituality of Authentic Leaders

  • Only 10-20% trust our political and business leaders, 48% of pastors/clergy
  • Our talents and what we're capable of is our greatest fear- we tend to shrink back
  • We have a pattern of choosing leaders that have charisma and style, not integrity- it's no wonder we're disappointed in our leaders...
  • Leadership is not money, fame, power- it's responsibility (Peter Drucker)
  • We have knowledge workers- people smarter than the leaders of the company- give them the opportunity to lead-
  • Help people find meaning and significance in their work- Be creative about how to remind our team of this- (Customer testimonials, how are we adding value?, making people feel value? etc... what does that look like in your organization?)
  • Align people around mission/values of the organization- the hardest to do in a organization.
  • Empower- Leaders empower people, helping others step up to their role and mission
  • Serve- Leaders serve.
  • Collaboration: 21st century leaders will be able to bring together organizations to solve some of the world's toughest problems...
  • Our life stories can shape us to be empowered to carry the mission/purpose in our lives- don't let it get wasted...
  • The goals we have can be misguided and actually change us into a person we don't want to be and off-mission of who God intends us to be-
  • "Follow your Compass not your Clock"- We can try to push our time lines and can become frustrated-
  • Self awareness: Get feedback from people close to you, sometimes will be hard but valuable...
  • Get in the front lines- do something, get your hands on the task/organization at hand...
  • Values: to have them- he's flying through this talk...
  • Follow our motivated capabilities (stengths)-
  • Build a good team around me- starts with one person you can be totally open/honest with- people we can do life with and be intimate
  • Lead an integrated life- You'll never be balanced but you can be the same person in all environments you're in- don't put on a mask- be authentic-
  • When you're 90- will you be able to answer the question, "What did I do to make a difference in this world?"
  • Most leaders that fail did not fail their people, they failed themselves, lost their "way" and priorities... trying to be different than who they really are...


  • It's easy to get knocked off course by the world's standards of success- keep the course and be consistant with

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