Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leading Laggards

In an organization with 100 people:
  • 20 people are doers.
  • With a leader.
  • 80 are hanging around watching, experimenting, consuming, or complaining.
  • When the 20 expand to 40, chances are there's 200 now in the organization (or will be).
  • The 20 tend to get frustrated with the 80 for not doing anything and at times will tell them. (They should avoid that.)
  • The 80 will ride the coattails of the 20 and feel like they did it and even take credit for it.
  • This sometimes frustrates the 20. They should not be frustrated. They should just do.
  • Great leaders pour vision into the 20 while casting the net out to the 100.
  • Frustrated leaders spend a lot of time trying to get the 80 be part of the 20.
  • Of the 80, some will become doers as the organization grows.
  • The doers that simply do will some day realize there are people following them.
  • Some of the 80 will become part of the 20 with a simple personal invite.
  • A leader will be turned down 4 times for every yes. This does not bother great leaders. It frustrates others.
  • Frustrated leaders have the opportunity to be great leaders.

I want to be a great leader.


Anonymous said...

In incriments of 100, this weekend we heard the song "God of This City." 4o people said "there's no hope", 40 more thought "what if....", and 20 had to dry their eyes. The vision of this church helping God take South Bend for Christ makes my legs weak. This song is an anthem. It is my anthem. I can't stop listening to it. Passionate vision will draw the "what if" 40. We'll have to leave the other 40 to the Holy Spirit. He's our only hope. Great Post!

Mark Meyer said...


Thank you for you comment.. That was a great song- I think of the Prison Ministry team and think about the exciting things that are happening there- I pray that you and Rick will continue to listen to the "yes's" and lead well- Great days are ahead!