Sunday, July 12, 2009

"It's Easier to be a Far Right Whacko"

It's easier to be a far right whacko. Whacko in the nicest sense of the word...

For that matter... any belief systems, sets of rules, political bent (whether far right or far left) that gives me my marching orders to live by regardless of the reactions and input around us is an easier road.
  • If I alienate people around me, it's OK because my "cause" is bigger than them- it's OK if they think I'm a whacko because they're just wrong
  • Slowly the people that disagree with me will gradually fall away and I'll be surrounded with people that think just like me
  • If I do enter conversations, it's primarily to "help" people understand why what they believe is wrong with a smile on my face
  • It eliminates confusion because EVERYTHING is black and white

What's harder?

  • To live in the conversation. Am I creating more conversations or shutting people down when talking about my faith or issues?
  • Building a friendship. Am I seeking to understand and learning about a new friend or am I offering premature, drive-by opinions?
  • To be silent. Am I willing to process and filter statements made or do I feel the need to always speak my mind?
  • Having my actions speak louder than my words. Am I living a life and carrying myself at work in a way that's attracting people or am I repelling people because of my engrained, rigid beliefs?
  • Crossing the line and mistakes. Living in the conversation has me on a line at times that I screw up in what I do or say (and regret). Sometimes I can be too loose and managing the edge can be very difficult.

I believe we can be strong, bold and effective. I believe I'm forgiven for my mistakes. I want to genuinely love and care for people. But this is the much harder road.

If you're stuck on the word "whacko" still- point made.

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