Friday, August 8, 2008

Session 9: Bill Hybels- "Relentless"

re·lent·less Session 9: Bill Hybels- "Relentless"
that does not relent; unyieldingly severe, strict, or harsh; unrelenting:

  • God searches the whole world looking for hearts fully committed to Him.. there He sends His strength and power...
  • Mother Theresa decided to "refuse Him nothing"... What does it look like in my life to give God cart blanche' authority in my life?
  • Takes steps to move time and resources out of day to day worldly pursuits and more into His work...
  • Embrace callings from God without delay- Lives are lived with regret with "If only I had listened", "If only I had acted"... reflections in life...
  • Every leader can tell stories about how their dream almost died... It should come as no surprise when this happens to you (obstacles beyond your control, overwhelming circumstances)
  • How do I know when I hit obstacles if I missed what God called me to do or when God is working on His own time line? Be very careful when in this era....
  • Mother Theresa was amazingly relentless... just to be allowed to "start" her calling...
  • Outlast the problems, the obstacles, the people in the way- Who knows what God may do if you hang onto the calling- We must endure... Sometimes the calling may only come once in a lifetime...
  • Be relentless about becoming a Godly leader... be relentless to be someone worth following.
  • Mother Theresa: "I will seek to love Him as He has never been loved"- said in one of her "dry" times in her life...
  • Much of life can be lived without feeling the "presence" of God. Mother Theresa felt this... Hybels is honest about the same feelings..
  • Very powerful video.... "Here am I, send me..."-
  • "What life are you waiting for to finally step up and step into God's call for your life?"-BH


  • Am I living in a way that will allow me to hear God's call for me and His purpose in my life?
  • There are some phenominal "causes" I've seen in this summit... yet I don't feel any nudging to jump into them- When do you know a trigger has been pulled in your life? When do you know when it's YOUR calling?
  • I think one of the hardest challenges of a vision/call/idea is having the persistance to go on while many people close to you are telling you all the reasons why it doesn't make sense...
  • Why does God's presence seem absent so much of the time?
  • God.... "Here am I.... send me...."
  • So... is it us? Do we sit back waiting for God to just do stuff, say stuff, and take care of stuff....or... are we really His plan?


Dave Baldwin said...

Hey Mark!
Great stuff. The last session made us all from LifePoint (Reisterstown, MD), ask the question, "What is God calling us to do?" And, "Are we ready to act immediately?"
Thanks for putting the Summit on your blog.
Dave Baldwin

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating the leadership summit. I was unable to make it this year but I feel like I was able to learn and be inspired because of your blog.