Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Leave the Penny On the Ground"

Today I picked up a penny that was on the ground. It made me wonder, is it really even worth it? It takes a moment to notice the penny...then, I have to process the thought of whether I should pick up the coin... I wonder, "do I look like a dork picking up a penny? " Finally, I think, who's filming me picking this thing up later to be shown on You Tube as the dude who will actually pick up a penny?... It's a Ben Stiller moment to slyly act like you're tying your shoe when you're actually picking the penny off the ground. If it takes me 6 seconds to finally pick the penny up, I'm paying myself a whopping $6 per hour to pick up the Lincoln-laden coin...

At $6 an hour....maybe it's simply best to leave the penny on the ground...

What's your time worth? What penny-picking up activities are in your workday or your ministry?
  • Over a 4-day period I averaged 29 emails "sent"... at 5 minutes an email, it's 2 hours and 25 minutes out of an 8 hour workday....
  • If I'm not saving, creating, or preserving revenue in our business, am I picking up pennies?

  • If I'm not doing only what I can do, I'm probably collecting pennies.

  • When's the last time you measured some of your regular activities to understand the cost is it to your organization or team?

  • What job, hobby, or habit are you stuck in that is paying you pennies?

What you do needs to makes cents. The next time I see a penny on the ground, I hope I can delegate it to one of my kids or I have the focus to leave it on the ground.

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MCC said...

My kids pick up ALL money on the ground. Here are the reasons:

1) We're frugal
2) We're cheap
3) It says "In God We Trust" on it and leaving it to be trampled on wouldn't be very nice.