Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Four Pillars of Project Management

My core role in my day to day job is project management- over the years from the construction industry and now in technology, I filter and measure our performance based on four pillars/criteria:


  • Is the budget on track?
  • Are we experiencing any changes in the scope of work that need to be added to the budget?
  • Is the client comfortable with our progress and billing?


  • Are we going to be on time with our original targets?
  • What critical items could affect the timeline, are these clearly established with the team?
  • Is the client comfortable with our current timeline and plan?

Quality/Scope of Work:

  • Are we addressing our clients "pain points" with quality direction and solutions?
  • Have we eliminated any "grey area" out of the project scope- are there any items that need to be addressed?
  • Have we identified any items that are potential problems? Is there anything that needs to be presented to the client for positive alternatives?

Create a Fan/Communication (most critical):

  • Is this client/will this client be a fan of ours when this project is complete?
  • Will they talk about us, recommend us to others?
  • Are we "wowing" them? Are we communicating the "wins" and the elimination of the "pain points" throughout the project?
  • Are we communicating well throughout the project and building into our long-term relationship?

There are several other bullets that could be added under each of these four items- these are simply a start. Taking the time to run these through my head with any given project and with our team has served me well over the years.... what about you?

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