Friday, January 29, 2010

"Why You Should Sell Burritos"

Imagine going to Taco Bell and having them say "We've got some great cheese, we've got meat, sour cream, lettuce, and we've got tomatoes, and some chunks of chicken, and uh a totilla shell... want to buy something?"

How about just selling them a burrito?

An IT company says, we can fix your computers, load software, install updates, monitor your systems, fix printer issues, work on servers, run cables, check internet settings, handle back-ups, we're affordable, we're better than the guys down the street... do you need anything?

How about just offering to take care of all their IT needs for a monthly, budgeted price? (Sometimes referred to as Managed Services)

Much of what I do is work to translate the cool stuff we do at work and try to make burritos out of it...
  • Potential clients need a clear, simple path on how it can do business with you and what's in it for them
  • When talking to a company this past week, they had been in business for over 20 years yet their owner and sales manager couldn't give me a simple answer of what differentiates them from their largest competitor. Can you clearly identify your competitive advantage in your market and communicate it clearly?
  • Our old tagline used to be Vision Knowledge Results.... Couldn't just about every company put that under their name, in marketing literature, or website? Yawn. Our new one? Making Your Business Better by Making Technology Work.... better.
  • For service businesses, I love hearing here's the price and you don't have to worry about it anymore.... whether that's my sprinkler system, coffee service at work, or keeping my snow shoveled, just take care of it with no surprises. Give me a bunch of choices and prices... I might just get confused and walk away.
  • For our technology company, we need to understand the real business value and return on investment (ROI) first and then package the offering focused on that. Everyone wins that way.
  • People don't naturally connect the dots, we need to do it for them. What is the response you're trying to release from your target audience?

You have great ingredients at your organization, wrap em' up and make some burritos.

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