Saturday, November 21, 2009

My 10 Big Rocks for Life

There are fundamental tenets to life I've landed on at this point in my life. When I feel stressed or off course, I come back to these truths. As I look in our world, it's clear that others have other principles they seem to have chosen. I'm curious, what are yours? Have you identified them? Except for #1, these are not in any particular order:

1. There is a God. Jesus Christ is who He claimed to be, and the Bible is inerrant in its truths. Once I believe this, it changes everything.

2. It's not about here. Here meaning the 70-80 years on average we get to live. Once I believe #1, I believe I'm going to live forever. 70-80 years here vs. eternal is nothing, zip, 0.

3. Four Friends... Do the people I surround myself with help me in these 10 Big Rocks for Life or guide me off course? Do they encourage me? Do they challenge me? Who I surround myself with matters. My wife is my best friend and makes me a better man.

4. Lifetime Learner... I want to grow and learn. The more I can learn the more I can embrace change, lead well, and fulfill my God-given purpose. What's the alternative? Rely on my high school Algebra class to get me by? Part of who we become is what we read, who we're learning from, and what we listen to. I need to choose wisely.

5. My best days are ahead of me. Looking in the rear view mirror of life doesn't seem to help anyone. There's always the next mountain to climb with the new knowledge of experience. My 21 year old body is not needed.

6. Excellence- If you're going to do it, do it well. It's easy for me to get spread thin which leads to "winging it" or giving something my leftovers. That's normal. Excellence? Not so normal.

7. Self awareness. The more I know myself, the more I can do something about it. To stick my head in the sand about my own weaknesses, fears, or bad habits just hurts me. Therapists rock. Good, trustworthy friends that will give me candid feedback are helpful. I need to be a student of me.

8. It's not about money. The love of money simply makes me less effective, more selfish to hold onto it, more fearful to lose it, and is a false foundation. Retirement is not in my vocabulary. I want to be a contributing, used up sponge when I die.

9. Control what I can control. Obsessing about things outside my control just frustrate me, get me spinning, and I don't get anything done. I need to learn to be content with the place I'm at today and be responsible for what I've been given to this point in my life.

10. Maximize others because it's about others. Helping other people find Hope, purpose, and Big Rocks in their lives energizes me. We were all meant for more and to be part of God's story. How can I serve others whether in the workplace, in my home, or in my community?

Could there be one or two rocks missing? Sure. Do I have days where I fail to focus on the big rocks and make mistakes? Absolutely. Can I get up tomorrow and try again? In Sarah Palin's words..."You betcha..."

What principles will you live your life by in the next 5 years? 10, 20 years?


Bruno and Lisa deJesus said...

Good stuff, Mark!

Matt Meyer said...

Wierd. I just taught a class on how Jesus made decisions by way of his core values/guiding principles/'Big Rocks' that superceded his rights, comfort, schedule, etc.
I closed by challenging the class to do a self-discovery of their core values ... it's like we're cosmically connected ... like brothers or something!

You wrote it better than I taught it ... and, just so you know, now I'm going to 'steal' it. ;)

~ Matt

Jodi Meyer said...

Funny, you and your brother think alike. Matt challenged our class this past Sunday with the same type of question. (can I just copy your 10 for class?)

Rick said...

This is great stuff, Mark!