Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Looking out for #1"

When our economy is imploding, stock market tumbles 2400 points, jobless claims are up, and I'm not excited about the vision of either of our two candidates for president.... every part of me is looking to be safe, conservative, pull-back, and create financial contingency plans.

Is that what we're called to do? As both Kem and I are employed and haven't had our circumstances change, scores of people around us are hurting with job loss and dire choices.

If we have an extra couple hundred bucks a month right now- do we put it in savings for our own security or do we try to help some people in need?

I'm simply struck by my natural instinct to look out for #1.

Yet... I get this "sense" that we should share our last piece of pie every month with someone else... What are we called to do? What are you doing in these turbulent times?

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