Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Doing the Splits at Work?"

If I did this, I would have a completely different look on my face.

There are times when our roles may shift at work... If done too early or without the right process, you or people on your team can end up in this position...

Have you ever felt this way at your organization? Here are some observations of doing the "splits" at work:
  • If you begin doing a role at work before you have any authority to do the role, you may feel some pain for taking it on too early.
  • You can fake it for only so long... this guy has a determined look on his face now... I'd like to see him in an hour...
  • With growth comes change. With change comes some pain.
  • Not everyone can do the splits at your organization, there comes a need to have people that are flexible for a short period of time.
  • Leaders, managers... are you doing this to anyone on your team? If so, don't leave them "exposed" too long.
  • Are you doing the splits currently? It's better to have a conversation with the decision maker(s) and manage one post well than to drown trying to hold on to both...
  • Clarity is important as roles shift- those impacted need to understand the changes and what adjustments they may need to make.
  • Leaders, when you have done all the analysis of the changes, commit to it, support it, and keep casting the vision to your team. When you're the one doing the "splits", it just confuses your people and well, let's just say you don't look like this guy...
  • Have both feet in with change, don't keep one foot in the past.

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Sovann Pen said...

LOL, sweet blog. We can't all pull off a Jean-Claude Van Damme.